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Tucson Meditation Group
Tucson, Arizona
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Current information for
TMG Chapel...

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2017 Regular Services

Sunday morning meditation 9-9:50am

Sunday morning Reading Service 10-11am

Wednesday evening meditation 6-8pm

Friday evening meditation 7-8:30pm

Sunday evening - On the first Sunday of every month from 6-8pm the chapel is open for quiet periods of meditation.
(Please check the announcements at the chapel for any schedule changes.)

Tuesday evening 6-7:15pm SRF Lesson Study Group (LSG) - If you are planning on attending SRF Lesson Study Group and
have not attended before or attended recently, please contact Nikki at 520.576.3839 for special information before you arrive.

November 5th (the FIRST Sunday) will be our monthly Vegetarian potluck at TMG. All are welcome. Please join us for spiritual
fellowship. (You are invited to bring a vegetarian dish.)

December 17th (the THIRD Sunday) will be our Christmas potluck to be held at Susan Warren’s home.
All are welcome. Please join us for spiritual fellowship. (You are invited to bring a vegetarian dish.) Please look for directions in the foyer.

January 14th (the SECOND Sunday) will be our monthly Vegetarian potluck at TMG. All are welcome. Please join us for spiritual
fellowship. (You are invited to bring a vegetarian dish.)

Special Service

It is that wonderful time for our yearly retreat at Picture Rocks. Please sign up as soon as possible.  And if you have time, please
volunteer to assist, there is a sign up sheet in the foyer. For more information contact Maria, see info on the bulletin board.

Mark your calendar for
December 3rd to enjoy in our yearly merriment of Christmas tree trimming. All are welcome! It will take place
immediately following the reading service. If you have a small ornament that you would like to add to the tree, please bring it with you.

December 16th is our Christmas 8-hr meditation. Meditation changes to 8-4 with a ½-hr silent break at 12. Be sure to bring your pranami
(devotional offerings) of fruit and a monetary donation. You are welcome to join us for the whole day. If you must leave, please do so on
the hourly chants. AND, it is customary to NOT allow new meditators in the afternoon session for this specific service.

Our Christmas potluck is on
December 17th, following the reading service. It will be held at Susan Warren’s home.
Directions will be in the foyer.

January 5th - This Master’s birthday celebration from 7-9pm. Please bring a flower symbolizing your love of the Guru and a monetary
donation as a symbol of your loyalty and faithfulness to the cause of Self Realization Fellowship.

January 13th will be our monthly 6-hr meditation. The NEW TIME CHANGE  is 8-2 with a silent ½ break at 11:30. If you cannot stay
for the whole day, please leave on the hourly chants.

Other Information

If you are new to the group and would like a visitor's packet please pick up one in the foyer.
It will include a Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) lessons application.

Our Bookroom sales counter is mainly self-service. If you need help please ask. We would be happy to assist.

We also have a lending library which is located on the small book shelf in the book room. There is a sign out sheet for these items and we
ask that these items be returned within a few weeks when you are finished with them.

In the event you arrive between services or while a period of quiet meditation is in progress please sit in the foyer until a period of
chanting, reading or until the meditation period has ended - then enter the chapel area.

Please refrain from wearing strong fragrances or scents during meditation.

It is our custom to maintain silence after meditation to hold onto the inner peace that meditation brings - if you are new to the group
please feel free to ask the Greeter or any of the service leaders or volunteers for any information or assistance that you may need. We will
be happy to assist you. Please feel welcome to join us for spiritual fellowship at potlucks as well.

Thank you for your donations. All donations are used to support the ongoing expenses and maintenance  of the  TMG chapel and book
room. A portion of donations are also sent to SRF to support the youth group, voluntary league and for all commemorative services and
in other ways also support SRF. Your donations are greatly appreciated. When making a donation at the chapel it is helpful to make it
out to TMG or Tucson Meditation Group.